French Press by Hario

French press brewing is a quick and easy way to make a full-flavored brew with a deep sweetness and syrupy body.

The Hario French Press is a simple and elegant coffee press. It can brew up to 4 cups of coffee when used to its full capacity.



  • The main body of this French press is made from heat-resistant glass. The metal parts are stainless steel.

  • Easy to use and clean

French Press by Hario

  • To make a full pot, add 42 grams (1.5oz or 3.5 tablespoons) coarsely ground coffee to the beaker and then pour just-off boil water close to the top (if using a kitchen scale stop at 600ml or just before). Leave enough room so that you can insert the plunger without immersing it into the grounds. Wait 4 minutes and then slowly plunge the filter through the coffee mixture, and then pour. Enjoy thick full-bodied coffee!


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