Hario Range Server

Brewing more than 1 cup? 

Hario's V60 range server is the best way to share uniformly brewed coffee when brewing more than one cup. While you can brew into one cup, and then quickly move the dripper to the next cup, the two cups will not taste the same, as coffee brewed at the beginning of the process has a different composition than that brewed later. By using the range server, all the coffee balances out, and everyone can enjoy the same great tasting coffee.


The V60 Range Server is made from Hario's tough glass, and complements the style of the V60 dripper.


Thick, Japanese-made glass. Includes lid to keep contents warm or cold.

Compatible with size 01 and 02 V60 drippers, 360ml and 600ml capacity.

Hario Range Server

  • Use water just off-boil (about 96 degrees C) when brewing filter drip coffee. Pour a small amount, just enough to wet the grounds, and pause while the coffee blooms. Then slowly begin pouring a thin stream of water in the center of the coffee bed, and then in gentle circular movements.


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