Santo Domingo Cibao Altura

This organic coffee from the Cibao region in the Dominican Republic has a sweet, smooth character with a soft acidity and velvety mouthfeel. Toffee and hazelnut notes in the finish. Overall it's very smooth and easy to drink.


Coffee from the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is located in the Carribean on the island of Hispaniola. Sharing its western border with Haiti, the country has an estimated population of about 10M people. It’s also been cultivating coffee for the last 300 years.

Introduced to the island in 1715 by Spanish colonists, the tropical and mountainous landscape of the Dominican Republic makes for a wonderful environment to grow coffee.


Cibao Altura


Cibao is located along the northern shores of the Caribbean Sea in the Dominican Republic. The coffee harvest begins in October and finishes in May. Due to the altitude (600 - 1500m) and weather patterns from the Atlantic ocean, there is both copious rain and sunshine. This creates conditions for 4-5 bloomings during the harvest season, which means that coffee growers and pickers will return after each bloom to the same trees.


Commitment to Sustainability in the Republic


The Dominican Republic is committed to the preservation of natural resources by promoting sustainable and organic farming, including reforestation and conservation of soil. They are also committed to improving the lives of those involved in coffee farming by building schools, providing periodical medical assistance, improving sanitation and water quality.

Santo Domingo Cibao Altura

  • Bold, Nutty, Chocolaty, Fruity, Sweet


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