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Coffee Brings us Together

Together Collection

Like many people, my wife and I like to sit and talk over a cup of coffee. We've been doing this several times a day for close to two decades, sometimes on the porch, sometimes in the kitchen (and almost always with coffee that I've roasted and brewed). It's our thing, a thing that binds us, and in some way defines us. 

In this setting, when it's just us, we tend to like gentler coffees. They're a pleasant treat, they don't make us jumpy and they help set the mood.

In the Together Collection, I've gathered some of my favorite coffees for these quiet moments together. I hope you'll like them as much as we do. 

The Together Collection

Note that prices displayed are for 500 gram bags

The Together Collection Box Set

4 Coffee bags and beans

Get 4 perfect coffees in 1 click

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