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Lion's Mane Espresso Blend, 15 oz bag

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Product Details

Put some hair on your tongue with this strong blend that will get you up and running in no time.

Taste Notes
Bold intensity, dark chocolate, nutty

Recommended For
Espresso, French Press, cold brew

A few more words about Lion's Mane Espresso Blend

Lion's Mane is Kilimanjaro's latest blend for espresso-based drinks. It's a delicious espresso as is, and provides a deep base for cappuccinos, lattes, cortados and machiatos. The new blend combines Sumatra Mandheling, Brazil Cerrado and an Indian robusta named Cafe Royale (to add crema and body). The latest evolution in Kilimanjaro coffee. Highly recommended...

Israel's Best Coffee

Kilimanjaro Coffee, the best coffee roaster in Israel. Selling only fresh roasted coffee, on demand, for homes and businesses. The coffee at Kilimanjaro Coffee is the most delicious, perfectly roasted coffee you can find in Israel. We do just one thing - roast coffee. We'd better do it right!

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Kilimanjaro Coffee, roasting Israel's best, super high-quality coffee, and distributing to businesses and homes in Israel and abroad. 

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