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David the roaster

I came to Israel from Chicago about 20 years ago to study Judaism. I fell in love with the country, with the Israeli woman I met in Jerusalem, and finally, I felt at home. My wife introduced me to the "miracle" of Israeli "Nes" coffee, and I was always tinkering with it - it just didn't taste right to me. And so began my coffee journey. My search for better coffee took me around the country, and then around the world.

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About the Founder

A Family Affair

Like many small businesses, we wouldn't succeed without the support of our families.

Have a look behind the scenes via this cute video (no animals or children were harmed during production).

About Kilimanjaro

David making specialty coffee

Kilimanjaro Coffee was born on the back of a napkin on a flight from Tanzania.

I had just spent 6 weeks in Moshi, a smallish city in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. While there I fell in love with the coffee from the mountain, and on the flight back it I realized that I wanted to share truly great coffee like this with others in Israel.

I spent the next few years honing my skills, turning our kitchen into a coffee lab, and learning from world-class baristas and roasters. I found my passion roasting and brewing coffee, and sharing this experience with others.

Today, I'm humbled whenever I hear that Kilimanjaro Coffee is roasting Israel’s finest coffee. I'm dedicated to coaxing out the best each bean has to offer, blending science, art and imagination to create something wonderful, just for our customers. 

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