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The Rituals that Ground Us

Ceremony Collection

Many draw a sense of inner peace from the ceremonies and rituals involved in preparing a cup of coffee.

Some are drawn to the precision of the perfect cup - weighing the water and the beans, boiling the water to 96°C, timing their shots of espresso and comparing notes from previous cups.​

Others are drawn to the metronome effect of drinking coffee at the same time, or in the same way, or with the same people in the same locale. In a cafe, on the trail, on the way to work or on a break between classes, the ritual of coffee provides us with a sense of control and security in a sometimes crazy world.

In the Ceremony Collection, I've chosen the coffees that I think best reflect these needs we have: coffees that both shine when we pay attention to the details, and that we can also count on to provide the same taste and aroma, day after day. I hope you'll enjoy them as I do.

The Ceremony Collection

Note that prices displayed are for 500 gram bags

The Ceremony Collection Box Set


Get 4 perfect coffees in 1 click

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