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How to make coffee using a filter dripper

In this short video, I show how I make coffee using a Hario V60 Filter Dripper.

What I used

  • 340ml near boiling water

  • 18g freshly ground coffee

Brew time: about 3 minutes

Yields: 300ml brewed coffee

Brewing Principles

  • Brew with very hot water (just off boil ~206F / 97C)

  • Use hot water to wash out the paper filter and heat up all brewing apparatuses just before starting

  • Pre-wet the coffee with a small amount of water (about 1-2x the amount of ground coffee) and wait about 30 seconds

  • Pour a light, steady stream of water

  • Keep the coffee wet, and don't let the water level rise so that clumps of coffee are not left "high and dry" in the filter

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