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Match your coffee to the moments of your day. And get a taste of some top-caliber, premium coffees, with the Taster Collection.

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"I buy coffee from David because it's so delicious and unique, and because I know how committed he is to his coffee. My husband and I enjoy it together whenever we can, and it gives me a special joy to prepare it for us and others."

- Zichron Yaakov


We drink your coffee for the TASTE, and for your story. Knowing that it's fresh, made locally, and made with love and care. We definitely enjoy the ritual of grinding the beans, opening a new bag, etc. Makes each cup special.

- Jerusalem


I buy David's coffee because I like the taste - it's strong and flavorful without tasting burnt. It's also simple to order, and he knows everything about coffee - he's always available to recommend new flavors and ways to brew them.

- Zichron Yaakov

About the founder


About Kilimanjaro Coffee

Kilimanjaro Coffee, roasting Israel's best, super high-quality coffee, and distributing to businesses and homes in Israel and abroad. 

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