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African Harmony

A blend of African coffees that compliment each other with sweetness and intensity.


Recommended For

French Press, V60 pour overs, "AeroPress", espresso-based drinks, Cold Brew


More words about African Harmony...


The perfect blend of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Uganda Bugishu. African Harmony is a mild, not bitter coffee that is bursting with sweetness and a soft tanginess on the tongue. By combining Yirgacheffe's light body and Uganda's full bodied taste, African Harmony displays a distinctively fruity flavor profile and a bright, floral aroma.


Brewing African Harmony 


Whatever the brew method, use fresh-roasted and fresh-ground coffee to experience the distinct flavors and aromatics. Its floral and citrus profile make African Harmony ideal for cold brew or iced coffee. And if you’re brewing with hot water, be careful not to over-extract the beans or you might lose some of the more delicate fruity flavors. African Harmony brews great in a V60 pour-over, and as a base for cappuccinos and other espresso-based drinks.


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African Harmony