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Cold Brew Brewer

The Hario Mizudashi 1 Liter Cold Brewer produces a deep, smooth, mellow tasting coffee that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

When you brew with cold water, you reduce the amount of oxidation, caffeine and tannin produced, all of which contribute to the more bitter and astringent tastes in coffee. The resulting coffee is milder, smoother, sweeter, and more gentle on your palate.

Cold Brew Brewer

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  • 1) Insert the filter chamber into the jar.

    2) Add 100 - 125 grams fresh, coarsely ground coffee to the filter chamber.

    3) Slowly pour one liter of cold, filtered water over the coffee until the jar is filled.

    4) Give the jar a shake or a stir, to make sure that all the grounds are wet.

    5) Place in refrigerator for a number of hours, according to your taste. The longer you brew it, the smoother and stronger the taste. The classic time is 18 - 24 hours. But if you're in a hurry, you could brew for as little as 3 hours (though we'd recommend some aggressive stirring several times during that period). And if you're looking for a really strong brew, you could go as long as 36...

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