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Kilimanjaro Coffee, roasting Israel's best, super high-quality coffee, and distributing to businesses and homes in Israel and abroad. 

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If you're just getting to know Kilimanjaro Coffee, I recommend that you try the Taster Collection, a set of coffees that I think best represent what we do at Kilimanjaro. The Taster Collection comes as a set: order it and you get three 250 gram bags of each coffee that have been carefully roasted and selected, just for you. Each coffee represents a different Kilimanjaro Collection. 


Plus you'll get this top notch, two-cup V60 drip brewer (made by the coffee authority Hario), so that you and a friend can start enjoying Kilimanjaro Coffee right away.


Plus, right now we're offering free shipping directly to your house or office. 

Try the Taster Collection. You'll be happy you did.

Taster Collection Box Set

250.00 ₪ Regular Price
225.00 ₪Sale Price
Grind: African Harmony
Grind: Papua New Guinea
Grind: Lion's Mane
  • Medium intensity, sweet fruit, white wine after taste, medium bodied