• David the Coffee Guy

Q: How should I store my coffee?

A: Whether we’re talking ground or whole bean, you should do all you can to prevent exposure of coffee to oxygen and moisture.

So what should you do?

Store the coffee in a foil-lined bag designed to hold coffee, in a cool, dry place like a cupboard, pantry or drawer. If open, roll it down and wrap it tight with a rubber band or clip it shut with a bag clip.

You can also store coffee in a sealed container, and one made to expel or limit the air in contact with the beans is best.

Why is the coffee bag swelling like a blow fish?

If you have freshly roasted beans in a sealed bag, and for whatever reason you delay opening the bag, you’ll notice the bag start to puff-up with gas inside. If the bag has a one-way air valve, periodically press on the bag to force out this gas to keep the beans as fresh as possible.

Should I freeze my coffee?

I have a whole post on this subject. Read about it here: Should I Freeze My Coffee?

For maximum freshness...

Kilimanjaro’s bags are heat-sealed. You can reseal these bags with a simple iron. I know it sounds silly and over the top, but it works and if you want to seal in some freshness this is one approach.

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